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Every organization is looking for latest methods to promote their brands and visualize them in front of maximum number of customers. Innovative and creative technologies have always grasped the attention and win the heart. Digital signage is a latest way to convey your messages or promote your brand in the areas where large number of people passes through. Your message via this signage is presented on large screens which are easily notified by everyone. It is easy to adapt information which is presented digitally because this is the easiest mode to make people understand something. Smart matrix is a proud digital signage vendor with the variety which will amaze you. 2017-04-24

It is an open source technology which is easy to install, configure and customize. The system can get scheduled with an entire playlist to provide updates on current news, stock exchange, weather updates, etc. The entire setup is centrally managed from a web interface to follow any language worldwide. It provides a wide range of media support as you can show advertisements in between. The display is generally inserted in railway stations, malls, central markets and areas with maximum number of visitors. We are well established in the market and have carter the society with best digital signage vendor which have resulted in productive results.

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Queue System
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