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Smart Matrix General Trading L.L.C. has been one of the fastest growing companies in the region –serving our customers with their complete satisfaction in several countries around the world. Our aim is to provide the most advanced, intelligent, up to the mark and user-friendly systems. EaZy-Q® is a brand of Matrix Technosys Inc. Continuous innovation in our R&D guarantees our customers that they get the latest and the most effective solutions available in the market. And with continuous innovations we have come up with processes that are the first of their kind. From requirement analysis to project implementation we work with our clients to make sure that they get the most efficient work flow in their customer service department. Every organization has a unique requirement which we take as a challenge. We customize all our techniques and equipment according to the customer’s needs, making sure all the pieces work together to give the best results. The outcomes of all the work which we have done till date has proven that EaZy-Q® has never failed to accomplish its goal.

eazy-q-logo Queue Management Solutions


System Description:

Traditionally in most of the service organizations, visitors are getting tired & irritated due to wasting time, standing in queue lines, wondering how long it will be before their turn.
Our New Queuing System has the Solution..!!!


Outdoor Queue Management Systems:

EaZy-Q® is the pioneer in introducing outdoor queue management solutions in the region. This solution has provided many customer a unique way of handling customer inflow in the large open area. This system can be used to manage the following areas:

  • Customs pickup area
  • Car parking lot
  • Courier delivery lot
  • Water delivery pickup area and much more…



Mobile App & Online Booking:

EaZy-Q® Online Booking, which provides an efficient channel towards customers at the right place and at the right time. It has the capability to inform and entertain the public audience or even carry out business transactions, gather marketing information etc. Each service gives adequate solution and can reduce operational costs which are the keys for successful business.

Pioneers in Introducing Arabic (& other languages), Launching WIRELESS Technology & Online-Booking system

User-Friendly, 100% customizable system and can be integrated with most of well-known enterprise applications available in the market (HIS, SAP etc..).

Cost effective, Low Maintenance Cost, Easy to Install &
24x7 Professional Technical Support (Trained by MTI - Canada)

Digital Signage Solutions

The biggest hurdle for an advertiser is to convey its branded messages to maximum number of people in a short span of time. Digital signage assists you in finding solutions to convey the important messages and information in today’s competitive world. Gone are those days when printing options was the fastest mode of advertising.
We replace such old version of advertising to the latest cutting-edge electronic version which attractions the viewers with its amazing features and functionality. To provide you an up the mark service, we combine hardware with surpassing software and latest networking technologies to create powerful and flexible media display system.


Digital Signage

We have a vast range of indoor digital signage solutions to cater all kind of customer needs. Displays HD video, high quality audio, live TV, data-driven and web-based content. We have flexible platform for customizing features and scaling Versatile layout options for full screen or multi-zone split

We combine small and large format LED, LCD and projection displays in the following categories:

  • Video Wall
  • Kiosk
  • Scattered TV Displays
  • LED Dot Matrix
  • See through Glass Displays
  • Double-sided displays


Our outdoor hardware range for Digital Signage is manufactured to offer products capable of operating in every outdoor and critical environment having an optimized thermal design, a high brightness panel, waterproof,air conditioning andambient light sensors are among the main features. These displays can be customized into any shape and size.We combine small and large format displays in the following


  • LED Dot Matrix (Full color)
  • LED Dot Matrix (monochrome)
  • Information Kiosk (with built-in Air conditioner)

Simple to install, configure and customize, Wide range of media support, Remotely / Centrally Managed & much more

Display dynamic, targeted messages to increase sales, engage your audience and display important information in real time

Open Source Technologies like Android, HTML 5, Css3, Ajax, JQuery

Customer Feedback System

Customers are everything to your business and to keep them happy is the biggest challenge. Customer feedback software enables you to improve and measure customer satisfaction. The software also assists you in acknowledging the customers which are not happy from your services by taking their valuable feedback. This will also help you in knowing the platforms where improvement is required.


Our comprehensive feedback system offers:

  • Integrated with EaZy-Q®
  • User-Definable Questionnaire
  • Online & Offline Data Collection
  • Real-Time Analytics & Actions
    • Centralized Reporting
    • Live Dashboard
    • Pre-defined Actions:
      • Message to Supervisors / Managers
      • Immediate Alerts on Poor Service
      • Scheduled Email-Reports Generation

Integrated with EaZy-Q® queue management solution, SMS and can send Email notification based on predefined scenarios

User-Friendly, 100% customizable, Effective, precise and user friendly design

24x7 online support to avoid longer down time

Information Kiosk

With the help of the hardware and software in Information kiosk, customers can find access to information and application they are looking for. The customers can also communicate, entertain and can get educate from this advanced technology. Our updated system allows you to perform a lot of related activities evolving in the system.

Our advance technology integration allows us to perform a wide range of functions, evolving into self-service kiosks. We have wide range of successful implementation in the following sectors:

  • Healthcare
  • Government
  • Financial Hubs
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • and much more…

Meeting Room Display

EaZy-Q Meeting Room Display takes meeting room bookings to a next level when it comes to design and features while keeping it simple for both users and admins.


  • Syncs with Exchange, MS Office 365 , Outlook, Google Apps & IBM Notes
  • Branding options: custom logo, background image &colour filters.
  • Direct integration – no additional server software, add-ins or plug-ins needed.
  • Supports most languages – users can add their own translations.
  • Unchanged user reservation routines.
  • Workplace insights & room analytics.
  • Reduce no-shows.
  • Unlimited number of users
  • Stop the room thieves.


  •  Simple Interface, Customizable Look Conference Room Scheduling with
  • Common Calendaring
  • Platforms
  • Make Announcements on the Screen
  • Set Operating Hours and Device Alerts
  • Impress your visitors and employees
  •  Improve company identity and professional image
  • Optimize workplace utilization
  • Boost productivity

Way Finding Solutions

Directions and way-finding solutions are key factors when planning your facilities and events. Our interactive solution provides visual aids / directions to make it simple for the user to locate the desired entity hassle free. EaZy-Q also offers wide range of kiosk design selection to match your business needs. We also offer custom made kiosk body branding to meet 100% of the business requirement.

In retail sector, showing shoppers the way to stores with their favorite products or brands by having them enter what they are looking for increases customer satisfaction hence increases sales revenue. Not only EaZy-Q Way Finding Solution cater all the needs of the customer’s navigation but also can be used for multiple purposes such as promoting ads, as an information kiosk and as an Ad-hoc announcements portal. On top of the above mentioned features, our system can be integrated with the BMS (building Management System) to guide visitors to the nearest exit in case of fire or any emergency.


EaZy-Q Way Finding Solution in real world

Our Way Finding Solution helps millions of people every day and makes their lives easy at public locations such as:

1) Shopping Malls

2) Hotels

3) Hospitals

4) Airports

5) Office Building etc..


Key features & Benefits

  • Change / update contents from central location
  • Build on open source technologies.
  • No yearly subscription cost.
  • Wide range of media support for advertisement & promotions
  • Central live monitoring dashboards
  • Live RSS feeds support (News, Stock Exchange, Weather etc.)
  • Auto Alerts (SMS or via Email) on power or communication failures.
  • Available connectivity via LAN, WIFI and 3G/4G/LTE

Our Prestige Clients

What People Say About Our Services?

Thanks to EaZy-Q professional team who completed the installation in a very short period of time and helped us at the reduce the customer line up by provided SMS integration at inauguration days of Jollibee (fast food) restaurant at Dubai Mall

What People Say About Our Services?

On time Delivery (Zuleikha Hospital)

What People Say About Our Services?

Very well trained engineers (RAK chamber of commerce)

What People Say About Our Services?

Reliable company to deal with (Quick Registration)


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