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As vehicles are moving door to door therefore promoting a brand or circulating a message via Vehicle Signage always results in a productive outcome. Taxis, Trains, public transit busses of any delivery vehicle are the best source of advertising a brand as they are poised for expanding areas of vehicle mounted digital signage and LED messaging. We are one of the leading manufacturers of Digital Signage providing beautifully crafted layouts of vibrant display boards which attracts every passer. Such kind of advertisement is always working for you even if you are moving, stopped or parked.

vehicle signage
The technology was invented to cut the cost of advertising and minimize the time of promotion, as while moving or transferring your goods you can generate results from it, therefore multiple type of work will take place on doing one thing at a time. The lights and colors on the display grab the attention as digitally explained thing is easily adopted by everyone. Vehicle Signage wraps and graphics are an ideal way to promote your business as a moving transportation advertisement is the logical and innovative step towards the further challenges of business.


Now a day’s businesses are constantly classifying new and latest approaches to stand out of the box and to build a fixed market place in the society. Indoor retailers, entertainment venues, restaurants and some other businesses are the few plate forms which are adopting the upgraded version of Digital Signage in order become more powerful and to capture more audiences. Led Display

LED Display in particular has built a bench mark in creating the maximum customer engagement in a very short span of time. By Understanding focused customers with the respective field, businesses can generate productive results through such displays.
Their functions offer a clear, true to life colors and extensive compatibility which seeks attention of every person. Such kinds of displays are creating new ways of delivering a memorable customer experience. The adoption of LED technology is necessary to meet the new challenges of businesses as it incorporates audience attention, deliver messages, promote brands and most importantly maximizes customer’s engagement times. LED Displays fulfill the core needs of business by evaluating the entire essential requirement.


It is hard for the organization to manage the crowd of customers at the peak time. There are studies which teach us customer flow management but just manually. The technology which physically implies all the objectives of customer flow management is Information Kiosk. Information Kiosk enables the entire functionality of the arrival of the customer in the premises to its departure very smoothly. The machine works as an advantage to both organization and the customers as it reduce the operational time from the ends. With the hardware and software inserted in it, the customer can access to information and application they are looking for.

Customer Flow Management


This advanced technology integration allows you to perform various functions such as interacting with customers, taking their valuable feedback, collecting their data, etc. Healthcare, Government, Hotels, Financial Institutes, Restaurants, Grocery Stores and many more public venues are the examples where this feature is successfully implemented and giving productive results.


indoor signage

Digital Signage is blooming the market and immerging as the best way to promote your services and brand. Its faster results have force people to obtain its usage. With bigger and bolder projects taking place worldwide, organizations aims to create personalized digital experience across all industry sectors. It is a sign that both organizations and customers are finding market place more affordable and accessible. The digital aspect continues to revolve around the sectors like healthcare, restaurants, retail, events, transportation, education, hospitalities and a few other key areas. Indoor Signage effectiveness is reducing the cost as well as the human efforts.
Indoor Signage also built an internal chain between the employees working in the organization and the visitors as it is a bridge of communication which can assist users with their questions and also convey messages and information’s in most attractive way within an organization. They are also available in portable form; therefore you can easily ground it as per their requirement.

Online Digital Sigange

Information Kiosk in Hospitals is the perfect object to guide visitors with their locations. Hospitals are constructed on a large scale therefore with a vast variety of locations it is confusing and difficult to manage things smoothly. A counter in the Hospitals is only engage with customers asking for their preferences. An Information Kiosk is operated with just a few touch points and displays the location map to the visitors of where to go and what to do next. Visitors can also interact with the data inserted in it if they are looking for any specific services or the general information about the Hospital. You can also advertise or promote your brand or any information via Online Signage which can be easily built in just following a few instructions.

online digital signage
We are leading the industry with our high quality products and services to enable the best outcome for your business. Our quality of work can add wings to your business as it compresses the human effort and brings sophistication in your working. The system replaces the traditional method of printing with just one time investment as you can update information on regular basis very easily.

Queue System Is Important to Improve the Customer Interaction

Taking the next step towards the upcoming technology Digital Signage Kiosk which has successfully proven its result in generating productive outcome is a logical aspect. The feature has nourished many sectors with its smooth and easy working. So as many sectors, Restaurants are also enjoying a greater efficiency as self service kiosk proportionally placed their position in the market. There are many ways in which the technology has overcome restaurants with positive points such as promoting a service or brand, upgrading menu boards, no bar of language as everything can be acknowledged by pictures and the most important aspect that it manages the q systems and reduces the operational time.

q systems
By using media enhancements such as rotating pictures and videos, customers get to know your brand and service much better than with printed boards. This will also reduce much of the burden that falls on the shoulders of staff as functions will be managed accurately reducing the queues in front. The idea behind the entire functionality is to have a strategic view of the customer interaction and to cover all the potential points which are from the end of customers in order to obtain a stellar customer experience.

Digital Signage Player

Digital Signage Player

You cannot go to every single person and promote your brand; instead you will search for ideas which can help in this regards. Digital Signage Player is a HD quality TV screen which will showcase your preferred information in crowded locations such as malls, railway station, public venues, etc. Digital technology is happily accepted by everyone because televisions and mobile phones are in the list of favorite gadgets. People easily understand anything, if displayed digitally. Therefore, if information is taken forward on a screen which is bigger in size, has beautiful pictures, vibrant colors and a sound which is audible to every ear than the purpose of delivering the thought is successfully accomplished.

To start a Digital Signage player, you need to have software which successfully runs media player and a display screen in a form of TV to present your information. This will provide a live preview in the form of an animated video designed by professionals. Smart Matrix is a leading supplier in the market of Digital Signage vendor which deliver quality products and services with their qualified and trained team.

Use Of Walls Displays

Every organization wants their messages or information should circulate to everyone and remembered by them. In order to build that message we spend a heavy amount of money to make our advertisement eye catchy and innovative. It is all about creating a strategic view for the entire customer interaction and to integrate all the potential customers punch points to build an excellent customer experience. Wall DisplayWalls Display are always in terms since there integration in the market. They can promote your advertisement by using media enhancements such as rotating pictures and videos by which customers get to know about your brand faster and easier.
Wall display or Building display also make sure that your content or picture is in high resolution and are easily visible from every corner of the premises.Ultimately, a video wall processor can a combine display of your branded messages/information and the additional updates like current news, weather, stock exchange rates, etc. so that it can interact with visitors as much as it can. Smart matrix is one of the leading Digital Signage vendor displaying HD quality screens, Wall display with numerous options of sizes, which provides complete satisfaction to the user from quality and service points of view.

Information kiosk is an interactive touch screen system

An information kiosk is a system designed for public use that delivers information required by the customers and enables transactions. An Interactive kiosk includes a computer and a display screen. The customer has to put input via data into it through the interactive touch screen options available on the system. By performing this activity the output of the customer’s input comes out as a result which solves the query of the customers. Smartmatrix Information Kiosk designs a user friendly deviceInformation kiosk
in order to gain the trust and brand loyalty. Interactive kiosks help you advertise your products and services, and receive customer feedback. Information Kiosk allows you to carry out a flood of business transactions in an automated and electronic manner. It can also serve as a point-of-sale which can educate people about your products and services or your brand. Interactive kiosk is accurate and designed with high-quality visual resolution to get the attention of customers. Our interactive touch screen has high adaptability in the market and has improved user experience.

How To Manage network Digital signage system

Smart Matrix Digital signage system integrates organizations to manage internal processes more efficiently and also provide visitors with a comfortable, positive experience and easy to use facilities at all times. We have a well developed team which elaborates their skills in implementing a Digital Signage project. Their experience in this field enables them to install an optimized Network Digital Signage which provides sorted access information about the products and services of the organization. The system also helps in influencing the decision making process and keep the customer updated about what’s going on in the company.
From the connectivity of all our software to the maintenance of our Network Digital Signageproducts, we cover every aspect of building a suitable system once we are up and running the process. Unlike all the IT solutions, Digital signage software also helps us to initiate things more promptly and speed up all our processes with minimal risk and cost, therefore both of them serve the similar purpose. The system promotes brand and other services by reducing the amount of time it take to reach in the market by circulating the edge information. It is necessary for every organization to take their products and services to maximum number of people, which is an easy and affordable process through this system.


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