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Take the first step to reconstruct your retail banking customer service experience with our remarkable EaZy-Q® Solutions today. Exceptional service leads to better financial results and happier customers. Banks and financial institutions have benefited through EaZy-Q® System by providing a tool they can interact and engage with their customers at a better level. Our System helps banks improve customer service by providing hassle free experience and less waiting time at the branch. EaZy-Q® has also help banks in increasing staff productivity by virtual queue management and also by providing tools like Real Time Analytical & Graphical report, Live Dashboards, Alerts and notifications for all levels of management needs.


Outdoor queue management

EaZy-Q® outdoor queue management solutions provide a unique way of handling customer inflow in the large open area through its economical queue system. This is an electronic queue system which eases the manual efforts and stimulates the queue in a smooth manner. It is an easy to use wireless queuing system which customizes according to the requirements. This system can be used to manage the customer’s pickup area, car parking lots, courier delivery lots, water delivery pickup area and much more.



Schools, Colleges & Universities admissions and registration offices often experience high volume of students before the start of each semester / admission year. With these high volumes, keeping administrative areas managed and informed is essential. EaZy-Q® offers queue management and digital signage solutions which allows educational institutes to manage volumes of students hassle free. Our services help students benefit from our built-in real time simulations which reduces the confusion by providing proper guiding displays and announcements. EaZy-Q® system solutions help  with Self-service or reception-managed solutions with real time management system to deliver more responsive service and meet specialized student’s requirements e.g. if  students wants to buy books, pay for fees or collect books, they just get token and EaZy-Q® manages rest of the flow.



EaZy-Q® provides with real time queue management notification and queue status for restaurants where customers are notified through SMS OR MOBILE APP notifications when their turn is approaching. EaZy-Q® system also provides store queue data reports. Our system can generate the daily queue reports, providing real-time and historical queue data, including average waiting times and daily customer numbers. Virtual queue management helps the management team to improve their services based on the reports. It helps with self-service kiosk where customers place an order and gets a token.


Health Care

EaZy-Q® patient flow management Solutions are designed after a comprehensive study of patient journeys at healthcare organizations. With built in multichannel customer flow algorithm, patient to the doctors and nurses are made as simple as just a click on the computer. Our advance EaZy-Q® Queue Management Solution presents patients waiting management system which intelligently and seamlessly manages multiple department calls automatically and hassle-free. EaZy-Q® system allows the health sector a convenient and practical way to manage patient flow at private clinics, outpatient and specialist clinics, full-service hospitals, pharmacies, emergency centers and medical testing labs.


Retail Outltes

Our digital solutions help customer via self-serve kiosk which provides clear and multiple options and help buyer making informed decisions. We are the successfully running digital signage vendor. Our digital signage displays helps modern retailers to capture revenue opportunities by enhancing shopper experiences and engaging customer more efficiently by providing their customer a tool for browsing your store without needing store staff help. We convey information in each and every corner through our centralized digital signage so that it reaches to maximum number of lot.  This creates a more enjoyable experience for them and greater more for you.



Our digital solutions help hotel and resorts via Advertisement kiosk to promote events in the area. Our finest multifunctional Interactive Kiosk can also generate revenue from advertising vendors stationed in the premises. Our customized way finding solutions helps customers by giving directions and navigation to the desired location in the hotel or resort. EaZy-Q® digital signage also provides a way to entertain audience while they are in the elevators to pursue Elevator Display.


Airlines & Travel Agents

EaZy-Q® System is designed to create an efficient real time queue management experience. Airports and airlines face the growing challenge of creating exceptional customer service. With heightened security and frequent travel, the passenger experience can be stressful and time consuming. Our System offers advanced Queue management kiosk solutions to enhance the customer experience, primarily in pre-booking, buying air tickets at the travel agent counters and pre-boarding areas at the airport.


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