Waiting Line Management System

Earlier, people were mentally prepared that if they are looking for some service than they have to wait for their turn to come. They took some time from their daily routine life if they are visiting an organisation where they have to join a long queue to get them served. But now the world is changed and there is no more waiting line management system accepted in any organization. Other than time utilization it also makes people tired and irritated. The modern era of technology has provided easy and sophisticated options in every field; therefore Queue management system is the next best logical step for the organizations where there are large numbers of visits every day. The customer will receive a virtual ticket or the token number on placing the order online. Digital Signage (display screen) will display the token number in the premises. Features to this system are as follows:
• Customer can get an appointment online through any location.
• Customer can see their real time status on their mobile screens.
• Customer can sit or accomplish other activity in the meantime instead of standing in the queue.
• Customer will receive a notification or a message about their turn.
• Organization will have a good brand loyalty because of happy and satisfied customers.
• No confusion and no wastage of time.
• A wireless queue system which can operate in multiple languages.
• Can show third party advertisement on Digital Signage.
• Can engage people with current news, weather updates, etc. on display screens.
• Live web reporting on dashboard.
• The entire system can get designed as per the interiors.

Digital Qqueuing System
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Digital Qqueuing System
Waiting Line Management System

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