The modern world is becoming highly dependent on digital technology, so the shift towards digital advertising is the next logical step. Though there are some drawbacks of digital signage, such as LED failure and overheating, these issues are minimized by newer technology that is being developed every day. Here are four ideas which you must know and you may not have thought of:

1. Digital Signage in classrooms

Almost each and every classrooms are using computers, projectors and interactive whiteboards. Why not put it all together in a digital sign? You can use the sign like a standard TV to show education programs, and then publish digital signage messages for students when the teacher isn’t using it.

2. Digital Signage in meeting rooms

We’ve talked about room signs for folks rushing to and from meetings, but why not use digital signage inside the conference room, too? A presentation on a big, bright screen looks a lot better than a printed agenda.

3. Digital screens in elevators

Talk about a captive audience… You’ve got a quiet, attentive crowd all to yourself, so why not make your elevator pitch on the screen in the elevator? This is great for both general advertising for visitors and daily announcements for your employees.

4. Digital signs in patient rooms

More and more hospitals, clinics and dentists are using digital signage in their waiting rooms, but why not carry the experience over into the examination area or patient’s room? We’ve all stared at the ceiling for a half an hour while we’re getting our teeth cleaned. Or, we’ve stared around the examination room for 15 minutes waiting for the doctor to come in. You could take this opportunity to educate and inform your patients.

Digital Qqueuing System
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Digital Qqueuing System
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