The modern world is becoming highly dependent on digital technology, so the shift towards digital advertising is the next logical step.

How To Manage network Digital signage system

Smart Matrix Digital signage system integrates organizations to manage internal processes more efficiently and also provide visitors with a comfortable, positive experience and easy to use facilities at all times. We have a well developed team which elaborates their skills in implementing a Digital Signage project. Their experience in this field enables them to install an optimized Network Digital Signage which provides sorted access information about the products and services of the organization. The system also helps in influencing the decision making process and keep the customer updated about what’s going on in the company.
From the connectivity of all our software to the maintenance of our Network Digital Signageproducts, we cover every aspect of building a suitable system once we are up and running the process. Unlike all the IT solutions, Digital signage software also helps us to initiate things more promptly and speed up all our processes with minimal risk and cost, therefore both of them serve the similar purpose. The system promotes brand and other services by reducing the amount of time it take to reach in the market by circulating the edge information. It is necessary for every organization to take their products and services to maximum number of people, which is an easy and affordable process through this system.

  Queue Calling System in Restaurants

Why do we visit restaurants on our weekends? Well to spend some quality time with our friends and family or to make change in our daily routine. While visiting to a restaurant, one expects a good service in exchange of money which is worth taking. Who would like to join a long queue in order to receive their meal when they have much better options which are effortless? Queue calling system eases the effort of standing in the queue which is irritating as well as tiring. It is an integrated software which is functioned as per monitored. At the time of placing an order, with the bill, customer will receive a ticket or a token number which will be displayed on the screen which is visible to every one sitting in the premises. Therefore, by this system your customer does not have to stand to receive their order, either they can sit or hang around. The purpose of visiting a restaurant is to grab hospitality they offer and this system acts like a cherry on the cake. queue calling system

The system makes the waiting process effortless and smooth, as the first come will be first served, therefore no chance of confusion. The person operating this system can manually insert the data/token number, so that it gets recognized in the premises. The system is also beneficial in lot more areas like banks, hospitals, railway stations, malls, etc. You can experience the better productivity which can be received by adopting the best Queue calling System, as it is an advanced technology implemented to reduce human efforts. Smart Matrix provides a wide range of such systems which will suit the interiors of your premises and will get customized as per your preferences.

We are the proud Digital Signage Vendor

Every organization is looking for latest methods to promote their brands and visualize them in front of maximum number of customers. Innovative and creative technologies have always grasped the attention and win the heart. Digital signage is a latest way to convey your messages or promote your brand in the areas where large number of people passes through. Your message via this signage is presented on large screens which are easily notified by everyone. It is easy to adapt information which is presented digitally because this is the easiest mode to make people understand something. Smart matrix is a proud digital signage vendor with the variety which will amaze you. 2017-04-24

It is an open source technology which is easy to install, configure and customize. The system can get scheduled with an entire playlist to provide updates on current news, stock exchange, weather updates, etc. The entire setup is centrally managed from a web interface to follow any language worldwide. It provides a wide range of media support as you can show advertisements in between. The display is generally inserted in railway stations, malls, central markets and areas with maximum number of visitors. We are well established in the market and have carter the society with best digital signage vendor which have resulted in productive results.

Centralized digital signage deliver branded messages

Digital Signage is an effective way to deliver your branded messages in today’s competitive world. It is essential for an organisation to adopt new technologies to overcome the challenges of the present era. We understand that it is important for you to deliver your messages on time and to maximum number of people. Centralized Digital Signage is a new and effective way to deliver your very important messages in crowded areas so that maximum number of viewers can get the information in short time.

Centralized digital signage


Now day’s people do not have time to go through long broachers or a long message pasted on the wall. Therefore in a fancy way to convey your information as we represent the information in such a way that it become eye catchy and interesting at the same time.  We have a wide variety of indoor and outdoor displays which will move perfect with the ambience of organisation. The HD quality of our screens will forced the movers from that area to take a look to our display screens as they are so attractive that one can’t ignore it. We have flexible platform for customizing features and scaling versatile layout options for full screen or multi-zone split.

Interactive Touch Screen Kiosk


Touch Screen kiosk is a service provider which enables an organization to help their visitors with building directory information. It is a touch screen monitor in which a customized data is inserted to guide the visitors. The system is an easy to use hardware and software as anyone can easily navigate through the simplest functionality inserted in it.
Smart Matrix is providing a wide range of high-quality across a spectrum of interactive technologies. The places with large number of customers should adopt this technology as in bigger areas visitors get confused of where to go or what to do next, therefore this service provider assist the customer with the next level.Touch Screen Kiosk

Touch screen kiosks keep things easy right from the start with friendly greeters, simple on-screen instructions and quick confirmations. It is just like an ATM machine which guide the customers through the simple form of steps so that everyone can easily understand the procedure. Screens and voice instruction can easily toggle in any language as per inserted. The system provides an ideal way to deliver building directory information to guests or employees. Unlike a traditional static directory, fully customizable kiosk-based interactive directory is searchable, easily updatable and scalable.

Digital Queue System provides Queue Number System

If you are handing an organization where extreme amount of visitors arrives to accomplish their work then it would have been very hard for you to handle the crowd in a fluent manner. This kind of scenario will irritate the person standing in the queue and the person dealing with the queue as well. Therefore opting the advanced technologies is the next best logical step to come out of such issues.  Queue System enables your queue to get managed in an adequate way. This technique will provide Queue number system which a person while visiting your premises will receive by entering their data into an automated machine. By this activity they will queue number system be able to watch their position in the queue without their physical appearance. They will receive their queue number in the form of a virtual ticket, token or a notification through a display guarded in the premises or in mobile. Your customers can also apply their bookings from their place itself and can know the exact timing of their turn. Time is the most valuable asset now days therefore to respect and value the time of your visitors is appreciated worldwide.

Message Queue System Builds Communication Bridge

A Message Queue System is a mechanism that allows a sender and a receiver to exchange messages. In this process the sender posts a message in the queue and the receiver retrieves the message from the queue. A message queuing system builds a bridge between distributed systems, where you do not have to walk up to the concerned person to convey your information as you can communicate via Queue Messaging. In today’s message queue systemscenario where time is the most valuable asset, therefore nobody wants to waste their time standing in the long queue and waiting for their turn. Via this system you can send and receive the applications smoothly and adequately. By this process your organization will also be able to communicate with the visitors and can understand their area of comfort. Your visitors will able to share their thoughts regarding your services and you can keep an eye on everything as all the data is recorded so it is not necessary to respond immediately. This service provider is a great source of exchanging messages in a faster and effective way.


Communication is the biggest to lend between the customer and the organization. It is difficult of a big organization to convey messages or information to each and every person present within the premises. Therefore Digital Signage Display conveys all the information which is feed inside it. Digital Signage is a big screen which is guarded in the place where utmost number of people can visualize it. The technology can also provide some real time information if inserted. It is hardware and a software device which will be customized as per the interiors of your organization.

digital signage display
Technologies which can decrease the usage of paper and printing are the next best logical step to take in future. Therefore to deliver your branded messages in this complex environment through digital technology is the consumption of all the resources which are profitable in nature. Smart Matrix introduces a wide range of Digital Signage displays which will be well suited for every king of organization.


Watching TV and using computers in our daily routine life has trained us to look at screens for gathering information, therefore Digital Signage Software is the best choice for reaching large audiences. It is a huge virtual interactive display which provides information as per loaded or inserted. It is in the form a creative presentation which not only conveys information but also attracts the visitors. It not only informs and engages more people through creative presentation, but also reaches them instantly and reliably – and messages can be updated or retired in real-time. It is a modern approach to corporate communications that draws in viewers with bright, animated graphics and interactivity.

digital signage

Digital signage Display are increasingly common, and every day more and more campuses, government institutions and corporations are finding their own ways to benefit from this increasingly affordable technology. Digital signage Solution is cheaper than prints in large audience. You can use multiple screens to convey your message and information also can change what’s on the screen throughout the day. We believe in making digital signage as easy as possible for our clients so that they can access it faster for easier communications.


Standing in line and waiting for your turn is a waste of time. Technology has touched the sky and we are still waiting for our turn to come in the long queues. They are wasting time that people could be spending being productive, which has a negative impact on the economy as well. A long ONLINE QUEUE SYSTEMqueue makes people unhappy, reduces the efficiency of the company and decreases the relationship between company and customer. So why not adopt a process which is fruitful for a long time. Online Queue system or outdoor queue system is a one click process which is easy to use and will update you for your turn. All what you have to do is just enter all our required details while arriving or do a pre booking online from your present location. Queue Management System will also make you know that at what time you have to be present for your appointment. Without any waste to time you’ll be able achieve your target and will finish all your daily activity as per schedule. Customers can see their place in the queue along with an estimated wait time by looking online, or by putting their glance at onsite monitors. Online Queue system or Outdoor Queue system is so far helping with the work load of today’s scenario by reducing the wastage of your precious time and increasing the efficiency in result.


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